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Maca for Men promote blood vessel dilatation and improve blood circulation.

Maca for Men promote blood vessel dilatation and improve blood circulation.

08 March 2021

New Era Maca tablet candy is the product of New Age Health Industry Group, a directly affiliated enterprise of the central government. The company has a planting base of 5000 mu in Shangri-La, Yunnan Province. Maca originated in the Andes Mountains of South America, where the average altitude is about 4,000 meters, strong ultraviolet radiation, thin air, coupled with cold and drought, making this planet sparsely populated. However, there is a rare plant growing here, Maca. Our country only has Shangri-La in Yunnan Province and the climate here is the same. So only Maca grown in this climate has the best quality. Guozhen brand Maca tablet candy is both kidney Yin deficiency and kidney Yang deficiency. It can be called a man’s gas station and a woman’s beauty salon. Who eats it knows its effect and who eats it has a say.

Balance human hormone secretion and promote the regulation of human endocrine system.
Promote blood vessel dilatation and improve blood circulation.
Increases male adrenal hormones
Restore male virility and increase erectile function
Increase sperm count and enhance sperm activity
Improve male fertility
Increase physical strength and improve people’s mental state
improve sleep
Relieve stress and fatigue

Remove human reactive oxygen species
Relieve female menopause, prevent menopause syndrome
Improve sexual apathy
Adjust female menstruation and irregular menstruation
Reduce the incidence of breast cancer
Rehabilitation after hysterectomy
Anti-tumor Maca Polysaturated fatty acids and vitamin c have auxiliary anti-cancer effects
treatment for depression
Improve anemia symptoms and treat anemia
Lowering blood lipids
Reduce the incidence of arteriosclerotic heart disease and other chronic diseases
The sulfuric acid contained in Maca has antiepileptic pain, regulating arrhythmia and other effects
Balance human skin pigment, beauty effect
Antiasthmatic effect, treat asthma and other respiratory diseases
Improve your memory and keep your mind sharp
Improve human immune function
Adjuvant therapy for rheumatism
Improved osteoporosis
control blood glucose
Effective improvement of bronchitis
elimination of constipation
Promote wound healing
Relieve the trouble of chondrosis.

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