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How does Lentin Plus 1000 work? The benefits of a high fiber-diet have been known at least a century in: • Improving lipid metabolism • Improving sugar metabolism (amelioration of diabetes) • Inhibiting the toxic effects of hazardous substances in food • Enhancing the body immune system

1. How does Lentin Plus 1000 work?

The benefits of a high fiber-diet have been known at least a century in:
• Improving lipid metabolism
• Improving sugar metabolism (amelioration of diabetes)
• Inhibiting the toxic effects of hazardous substances in food
• Enhancing the body immune system
While the first 3 benefits do not require absorption of the fiber through the intestinal wall, the fourth benefits-enhancement – most certainly does. LENTIN PLUS 1000, after the patented process has a low enough molecular weight. (30,000 to 50,000 units) to pass undigested through the wall of the small intestine and directly into the blood to stimulate the cell responsible for immunity, such as T, B and NK cells. This is a function that most dietary fiber cannot perform due to their huge long-chain polysaccharide molecules. Currently, Lentin Plus 1000 is distributed over 30 countries under different names including MGN-3, Biobran and Peak Immune 1.

2. Are there any side effects?

Lentin Plus 1000 does not have any side effects. It is well tolerated, safe and natural.

3. How does it rate vs. the competition?

LENTIN PLUS 1000 is actually in a class by itself. It shows AT LEAST double the published Natural Killer (NK) cell efficacy of leading mushroom extracts, vitamin or herbal product that blood save clinical data. It also has a dramatic impact on B and T cell activity due to its ability to be taken into the blood stream. Also, where other products research cites studies on only animals, LENTIN PLUS 1000 published studies include data from the studies on humans.

4. What are NK cell, T cells and B cells?

NK cells are natural killer Cells. They are considered by experts to be the immune system’s first line of events. B cells produce antibodies cells that plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the body’s immune defenses.

5. How much I should take?

As a supplement, take 1 packet on alternate day after food. For imbalances, take 3 packets daily after food (1 packet after breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the first 2 to 3 months, then reduced to 1 to 2 packet daily depending on the health condition.
Because LENTIN PLUS 1000 shows a dose response, higher doses increase immune function HIGHER and FASTER. LENTIN PLUS 1000 HAS BEEN shown to be safe to use for a long period of time, Dr. Ghouneum believes it make sense for seriously ill individuals to stay on a higher dose longer (until they see a drop in their blood makers, tumor shrinkage, or other sign of clinical improvement).
For children, adjust dosage to reflect patient body’s weight. At the loading dose take 45 mg of LENTIN PLUS 1000 per kilo of patient body’s weight daily, and the maintenance dose take 15 mg of Lentin Plus 1000 per kilo of patient body’s weight.

6. Who can benefit from Lentin Plus 1000?

It can be used successfully as a sole therapy, an adjunct therapy, or as supplement to prevent disease and maintain good health. Research has focused on patients with cancer, HIV and hepatitis, so anyone with a personal or family history of these diseases should consider using LENTIN PLUS 1000. People in the “higher risk” categories should take LENTIN PLUS 1000 as form of disease prevention, this includes: heavy smokers, heavy drinkers, individuals who constantly work with chemicals (painter/artist, refinery workers, etc.), individuals with immune deficiencies and also those with personal or personal or family history of cancer.

7. When will I see an effect?

Everyone’s system is different, but the studies indicate a noticeable difference in NK cell levels and activity within the first two weeks and continued improvement thereafter.

8. What is the difference between Lentin Plus 1000 and BioBran MGN-3?

Lentin Plus 1000 is manufactured and supplied directly by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Japan in sachets. The raw materials of BioBran MGN-3 is also supplied by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.,Japan.

9. What is the difference between BioBran and naturally occurring arabinoxylan?

Arabinoxylans are common dietary fibers contained in plants such as rice, wheat and corn. BioBran is obtained from rice bran arabinoxylan through enzymes extracted from shiitake mushrooms to reduce the molecular weight than naturally occurring arabinoxylan, and because of this, it can be partially absorbed through the small intestine.

10. How does Lentin 1000 work in the body?

Biobran, an active ingredient of Lentin Plus 1000 characteristically works for both “intestinal immunity” and “immune cells in the natural fiber of rice bran, it is free from harmful side-effects.
Ordinary dietary fibers are not digested or absorbed but are excreted from the large intestine.
Biobran does not have to be broken down in the digestive process but can be partially absorbed directly into the blood from the small intestine to interact with NK cells and macrophages.

Effective for :
Weakend immune activities
Stress Insufficient rest Surgery
Immune abnormalities and overreaction
Pollution Allergens Hereditary
Improving QOL- Quality of Life
Medications Poor diet Aging

Warning : Consult your health care professional prior to usage if you are pregnant, nursing, are treated for any medications, or are taking any medications.
* All rights reserved.
* For distributor only.
* Not authorized by institutions with legally binding power.

Is it possible to create a physical condition within the human body that is naturally resistant to thrombus formation by consuming a lot of Natto?

It has been found that the functional protein in the sticky part Natto has the ability to maintain the circulatory system in a healthy condition. However this is dependent to some degree on the type of Natto or even the particular manufacturing lot. In contrast to this, NKCP is obtained from the sticky part of Natto, from which the distinctive odor, viscosity and vitamin K2 have been largely removed, and contains a fixed quantity of the functional protein (bacillopeptidase F).

11. What is the difference between NKCP and the conventional nattokinase-containing product?

NKCP and a conventional nattokinase-containing product both contain protease secreted by Bacillus subtilis. Of the five protease secreted by Bacillus subtilis, NKCP contains a protease called bacillopeptidase F, and the other product contains subtilisin protease. Products containing subtilisin protease have long been known to have a thrombolytic effect and two other functions: blood viscosity reduction and anticoagulant effect. This demonstrates that the consistent intake of NKCP over a prolonged period helps to maintain healthy circulation.

Effective for :
Neck stiffness
People with sedentary lifestyles
Those who have cold hands and feet due to poor circulation
Swollen legs

12. What is the difference between Rice Kefiran and kefir?

We Developed the technologies for Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens fermentation to produce Rice Kefiran using rice medium, that has rich content of kefiran. Rice Kefiran is derived from specific lactobacillus called L. kefiranofaciens in the vegetable component (rice). It is not composed of milk (animal) as kefir and containing almost no lipid. Compared to kefir, kefiran content in Rice is 250-fold*
* 1g Rice Kefiran/2 sticks:5mg kefiran = 250g kefir : 5mg kefiran

13. How should I take it?

For adults (60k/132lb), take 1-2 sticks daily, at any time of the day. For children, adjust to his/her body weight.

14. How is LK500 good for us?

Studies using animals indicate that LK500 improves intestinal environment and lipid metabolism. It is also antiallergic.

How long does it take to see the results?

It varies between individuals. Unlike drugs, LK500 is a dietary food and may take a while to see the sign of improvement. The suggested period is 2-3 months.

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Rated 2.20 out of 5 stars
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