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The Total Cells and Nerves Therapy

The Total Cells and Nerves Therapy

08 March 2021

The Richard Tan Healthcare Practitioner
There is a reason for every endeavour and a cause for every research.
My foray into the study of alternative health practises began from the
detriment of my own health as well as in support of my spiritual inclination.
My Diagnosis
I use a slim piece of bamboo stick to prod certain points of both thumbs
to as certain your health and find out the exact vertebrate and organ where
the pain is and related ailments.
The Best and Safest method
The QRS (Quantum – Resonance – System ) the ultimate technique to treat ailments without
surgery. This is a technique most advanced treatment options yet so simple and effective.
The Total Cells and Nerves Therapy
According to “ The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of How the Body Works”, this
system is similar to a telephone exchange as a means of communication. The energy channels
directly correspond with the network of the nervous system.
It is found that QRs applied on the body has the effect of stimulating the nerve impulse to travel to
the brain and back to the ailment clearing the nerve channel and restoring normal function.
This is presently the world’s only technique for effective treatment of any ailments with ease and
without surgery.

Richard Tan Founder
Anatomy & Physiology,
Member of Association of Medical Device Industry
QRS. (Quantum Resonance System) Consultant
ATPT. Ancient Trigger Point Therapy.
Email: qrs.richard@hotmail.com
WhatsApp: 98235924


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