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Full Body Energy Orgasms

Full Body Energy Orgasms

08 March 2021

New Era SG65 Enhances Libido, Will Power and Mood
New Era SG65 High Quality Pine Pollen Powders containing significantly
high amounts of testosterone in addition to a complex of other androgens
and phytosterols, pine pollen benefits are known to help balance
the ratio between the sex hormones, androgen and estrogen.
The pollen is considerably more potent as an extract when taken for these purposes
and is specifically useful for middle aged adults, between 40-50, and the hormonal
fluctuation that occur as we age.

New Era SG65 High Quality Pine Pollen Powders can be used as an
Aphrodisiac to help elevate sex drive and sustain healthy libido
levels for both men and women with lower testosterone ratios.
Because men require more androgen hormones than women do,
It is predominately considered a male supplement that helps to
eliminate erectile dysfunction and is also known to increase sperm

Testosterone is not only good for increasing sex drive but
also helps to promote feelings of well being, uplifts the mood and
stimulates a sense of will power and enthusiasm for life.
Containing a substance called phenylalanine, an L-dopa precursor
which helps to stimulate dopamine levels in the brain, it is
additionally believed to act as a natural antidepressant.

Both men, as well as women, usually by the age of 50 produce
Significantly less testosterone, this is especially true after male
andropause and female menopause.
Moreover, we are all subject to toxins in the environment that produce
estrogen like qualities linked to a number of health conditions like fertility issues ,
benign fibroid growths and breast cancer. Consuming androgenic foods, like
High Quality SG65 Pine Pollen, helps to balance these higher amounts of xenoestrogens

New Era SG65 High Quality Pine pollen
Available now in Singapore
In Powder or Tablets
Please order in advance

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